The Week I Went Commando Was Brilliant.

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The Week I Went Commando Was Brilliant.Every woman and girl, thinks about her inner curves, especially one that is always feeling down there for a little self entertainment, from ages 12 to 70.I was mid teens when I decided to ‘Go Commando’, the idea excited me, somehow, the thought of removing that protective layer of cotton, made me groan with sexual titillation, and the very reason for wearing panties, to soak up my girly juices from my vag, had just that effect, I walked around in a semi-state of sexual arousal.Call it self awareness or experimentation into me, I wanted to find out many things on many layers, and as teenager, dealing with raging hormones and ogling men’s packages, my tiny vag and brain, needed to know the extent of eye-balling men in a state of wetness between my legs.I’m not a hairy girl like most dark haired girls are, blond bushes tend to be whispy and men can lick each individual hair before crossing onto our inner lips, that thought makes my fingers twitch, so looking in my full length mirror, I decided if there was a wardrobe malfunction, or a moment of forgetfulness, it only be fair to those eyes looking, that they see smooth curves and not a mangled matte of pubes.I called my uncle, and why not, as I was his favoured chick of a niece, he owned a beauty salon and part of his menu was doing ‘Brazilions’, more commonly known as waxing.I had been down at his salon when I was a girl and watched him wax and found myself strangely attracted and scared as he ripped out strips of hair, and yet the woman had a strange trance-like euphoric look on her face, uncles fingers were inside her up to his knuckles, as he talked, soothingly, I was sent out after a short while, his other female employees, in the shop had strange smiles on their faces.It had started to rain as I stood outside the salon. It was 07:15 in the morning, when he eventually arrived, and on seeing him I started to feel myself wetting, my vag, for the first time in its teenage years, was about to be introduced to a man, oiled, and touched, stroked and caressed, something akin to being masturbated, by a family member, I wondered if uncle would try to fuck me, that thought sent me into a tizzy and I peed myself a little.We hugged and kissed, and his lips felt different on my mouth, seductive and soft, not that I was experienced, and after all he was my uncle, but I had a nice buzz.’How do you feel’, he asked me as he closed the door and locked it behind us after entering the shop?We always had a good relationship, uncle was in his mid fifties, sort of effeminate, something I think he perfected to put women at ease.’Nervous’, I retorted, as I took my wet coat off, I canlı bahis could sense uncles eyes on me, trying to see me beneath my clothes, and embarrassment, what would uncle think as he opened my legs, touched my vag, and saw how wet I was?’Do you have a boyfriend’, he asked me quietly and soothingly?I shook my head in the negative, ‘So you have never been touched’, and I felt my blood rise as I blushed, but he just smiled, ‘Well’, he replied, ‘there has to be a first time always’.’I have to say something, I say to all my customers, and you are no different’, I nodded as he spoke, ‘you might feel strange as I touch you, it is normal, so don’t be uncomfortable, just let go and enjoy the experience’.As he spoke I felt my knees go weak, even my nipples felt strange, in a nice sort of way, if this was the prelude to sex, I could understand why women and men just do it.I undressed down to my underwear, and for a moment was glad of my panties, the very reason for me doing this was to lose them, what a juxtaposition, my thumbs hooked into the flimsy elastic, as uncle watched, I eased it over my slim hips and down my long legs, to my ankles, ‘Stop there’, cried uncle?I was bent, touching my toes, ‘Straighten up’, he said, and I did as he bade, with my flimsy panties around my ankles, making me more conscious of my lower nudity, ‘What’, I queried?His eyes went up and down my legs, to my pale shade of lavender knickers, ‘Let me’, he said as he bent down, and I lifted each leg in turn for him to take them from me.He patted my bum as he told me to get up onto his table, noting he was pocketing my knickers, ‘Why does he need them when he is going to be all over the real thing in a few minutes time’?I lay down and lay rigid, like a toy soldier, legs together and straight, my top just above my belly button, ‘You look stunning’, he said as he placed his hand on my pubis mound, and almost immediately, I could feel a discernible pressure on my clitoris, ‘Does this feel uncomfortable’?He was pressing it, it was not my imagination, and no, it was not uncomfortable, and I whispered, ‘No’, my thighs were shaking, as he took hold of my feet and drew then into a frog-like position, making my vag open like a budding flower, and lady anus hole flood with my warm sugary secretions.Uncle held my feet as they were clamped sole to sole, ‘It’s perfectly normal to be sexually aroused’, he said quietly and matter-of-factly, as his other hand gently plied my labia open, I was swollen and open, and very wet, and not being helped feeling his fingers slide in and out of my vag entrance with ease.’I see your still a virgin’, he said as his casual in and out movement now turned circular, bahis siteleri he was working my pussy in every direction, all the time his eyes never left the soft pinks and hues of redness, my vagina was on fire, and my buttocks were clenching as if needing attention, ‘Uncle’, I groaned, ‘pleaseee’, as the back of my hand brushed the bulge in his pants.I was gone, on the edge of having an orgasm, he knew it and I was powerless to do anything other than beg, he lifted my ankles high, with the soles of my feet together, until my ass was rising too, that was when he drew his finger down my clitoris, through my open labia, and pushed in deep up my self lubricated bum-hole.I was like a baby having her diaper changed and not an adult female being sexually manipulated, his ‘Bowling Ball’, finger fuck, one finger in each of my sensitive holes, brought me to a screaming orgasm, and convulsions as I lay there with my body jerking post orgasmic state.I opened my eyes and saw uncle standing naked, his cock was large, the biggest I had ever seen, even though it was my first angry one, I turned to face him and opened my mouth, and let him slide in as my tongue danced and slobbered around his bulbous head, gagging occasionally, as he touched the back of my eager and willing throat.’Enough’, he said, and as he eased himself out of my mouth, I felt a wave of disappointment, I found I had a liking for sucking a man’s cock, but as my machinations drifted, uncle spun me on the table and pushed right up me and started to fuck me, with a wild look on his face, I could feel his cock deep inside me, moving behind my belly-button, I reached out with my legs high and grabbed his hips, pulling him into me every time he moved out a little.’I’m going to cum inside you’, he said through gritted teeth, and as he spoke I could feel his cock stiffen more, as if ready to shoot, I screamed, ‘Fuck Yes’, again and again, until there was a feeling of a jet of warmth flooding my vag, spreading all over my stomach on the inside, he was cumming inside me, and it felt like the most sacred and most natural thing a woman could receive from a man, even a stranger pumping away, for a moment I felt completely helpless, relaxing to receive, and in that instant I could understand why silly girls allow themselves to be fertilized without a fight.I lay still, my second orgasm surpassed the first he gave me, my ankles lay either side of his head, and his cock was pulsating deep inside my pussy, my vaginal muscles were squeezing him, as if trying to fuck him by that means alone, so when he said we needed to get the business done, ie my waxing, I asked him to wait a few more minutes, until I was ready güvenilir bahis to release his cock, he felt so nice connected to me, and I did not want to let him go.In the frog position again uncles semen oozed from me as he waxed me, he started to talk about us from years back.’Did you remember the night I sat you on my lap and I whispered into your ear I would fuck you one day’?I said no, adding, ‘I know we whispered a lot, but I never understood half the things you said’.As he finished up the suddenness of memory came back and I told him I did feel the hardness of his cock under my bum, ‘that’s why I wiggled a lot’, I said laughing, my nudity and everything else suddenly gone, then I told him off my experiment, and my reason for waxing.’Do you think you will fuck’, he asked me seriously, I nodded, ‘If it is as good as that’, I said honestly, ‘then I should think so’.There I admitted it, I was learning something new every minute, and next week was really going to be exciting for me and any man I fuck.I promised uncle I would phone him daily each night and talk about my day, and next weekend, come stay over with him, now that we accepted ours was something different.The First Day, Bald, Bold, and Brave. On my first day of no undies, I opted for a dress and tights. Logically, I reasoned, the airiness of my outfit would keep my vag healthy and happy. The world was to be its oyster, there was to be no holding back, no restrictions of lace, or cotton. I had school classes to go to and with my dress mid thigh length, I felt my tights would help psychologically, but I knew I had to be careful, one lax moment and everything would be revealed, then I would instantly be labelled a slut or whore, lifting my dress revealed my tights followed the line of my vag, if anything, illuminating the line as my pink vag and thin labia, were difficult to see, my tights were like drawing a dark line down my vag, so men could see it more easily.I drew my breath and opened my front door and stepped out into the world, knickerless and open minded, my strides were long, emphasizing my long legs, the airiness in my crotch was wonderful, the secret of my sluttiness, made me feel horny, and as I arrived at the platform, my ‘Good Morning’, to a stranger, a man in his fifties, like uncle, brought a smile that lit his face, I stopped just in front of him as the train sounded it horn of its impending arrival, he pushed in close behind me, I was sure he had gently touched my bum, so I gently pushed back, I just wanted to get on the train and stand in front of him, the long zipper on the back of my dress, from the waist down, was oiled, and easily moved.What happens on my first day being without panties, I am willing to reveal my first days exploits, if you men out there reading want to know, please say so, it’s called interaction with the writer. I hope you have enjoyed my story so far.

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